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Punks Care 2 @ The Southgate House Revival, 6/4/2022. Photo by Brooke Bolte

"Fighting food insecurity one show at a time."

Punks Care 2 is a partnership between Hüsker Foöd Zine (Cincinnati, OH) and The Peterson Compound (Millington, TN), where we organize benefit shows and donate the funds raised to a local charity - generally one that helps combat hunger in the community. 

Our first event took place on June 4, 2022 at The Southgate House Revival in Newport, KY, and raised enough funds to provide 3,600 meals for the people of greater Cincinnati. The money we raised went directly to the Freestore Foodbank, so our little fest showcasing our friends had a direct and positive impact on the community.

Our second event, Punks Care 2: Part II, took place on May 27, 2023 and raised enough money to provide nearly 11,000 meals!


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